Legendary entertainer Engelbert Humperdinck is wearing a lucky charm from Elvis Presley in a bid to win the annual Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night (26May12).
The 76-year-old crooner, the oldest singer ever to compete, will perform new track Love Will Set You Free as the entrant for the U.K. at the show in Baku, Azerbaijan - and he's hoping a pendant Presley handed him in the 1950s will help him triumph.
The thunderbolt-shaped charm features the initials Tcb, standing for the rocker's motto Taking Care of Business, and Humperdinck tells Britain's The Sun, "I am wearing it for luck. I am hoping it will channel some of Elvis's wonderful success down here.
"I want to channel his power and help me in this competition. Nobody is perfect and we all need help, even from someone above. Elvis only gave them to certain people he cared for. I am glad I was one of them."