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Katy Perry Mistakenly Given Best Song Award

US singer Katy Perry has wrongly been awarded the best international song prize at a French awards show.The NRJ awards is one of the country's most prestigious shows which picks winners of the awards on...

By on 18 January 2009

Iglesias Regrets 'Small Penis' Joke

Latin pop star ENRIQUE IGLESIAS regrets once making a joke about having a "small penis" as it blighted his love life. The 32-year-old made the remark at the beginning of his music career, before he...

Iglesias 'Terrified' Of Gay Debut

Latin heart-throb ENRIQUE IGLESIAS was so terrified ahead of his first ever gay concert in London last month (Jun07), he was convinced the audience were going to boo him. Iglesias surprised his manager when he...

Iglesias Reliant On Sleeping Pills To Battle Insomnia

Spanish star ENRIQUE IGLESIAS is reliant on sleeping pills - because he suffers badly from insomnia. The Hero singer, 32, has been struggling with the sleep disorder for several months, and has been forced to...

Enrique Performed For Gaddafi's Sons

Latino singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAS performed at the New Year's Eve (31DEC05) party thrown by the sons of Libyan leader Colonel MUAMMAR GADDAFI on the Caribbean island of St Barts. The HERO heart-throb reportedly agreed...

Enrique Serves Up Burgers

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS gave up his pop career for a day last week (ends16JAN04) to work as a burger flipper in a fast food diner- and no one recognised him. Iglesias agreed to don...

Enrique Declares 'Everything's Good' With Anna

Spanish pop hunk ENRIQUE IGLESIAS has confirmed his romance with ANNA KOURNIKOVA is still going strong, throwing out doubts about the pair's future together. The HERO singer and his tennis-playing love had reportedly ended...

Enrique Iglesias' Mole Cancer Fears

Pop hunk ENRIQUE IGLESIAS had his trademark facial mole removed because he feared it would become cancerous. The Spanish ESCAPE star shocked fans after first appearing without the blemish earlier this year (03)....

Enrique Iglesias Exposed As A Love Cheat

Latino singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAS has been exposed as a love cheat by unknown British model MIA MYERS - who claims he cheated on tennis babe ANNA KOURNIKOVA with her. Blonde Mia claims the steamy...

Enrique Iglesias Surgically Removes His Famous Mole

Latin Grammy Award-winner, Enrique Iglesias, has decided to part ways with the mole on his face, having it removed in an operation that lasted only five minutes, and was equally bloody and painless. The singer,...

Enrique's Sick Of Groupies

Latino love god ENRIQUE IGLESIAS is an unusual music star - he's sick of being offered sex with groupies. The Spanish-born singer, who is dating tennis beauty ANNA KOURNIKOVA, claims he has even been...

Cancer Model To Help Others

Model and actress SOFIA VERGARA fought a secret battle with cancer last year (02). The Colombian beauty, who has previously dated actor MARK WAHLBERG and singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, was devastated after learning she had...

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