Review of Mothership Single by Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari
Single Review

Enter Shikari Mothership Single

The world of post-hardcore / screamo seems to have got to the point that many other genres reach, where an original sound has been adopted by so many bands that the genre begins to parody itself. There are various options then for bands wishing to make a name for themselves and differentiate themselves from the crowd. Write truly good songs, be the first to actually have the sound. Or in the case of Enter Shikari, get a synth player. Admittedly they're not the first band to bolt on an inappropriate keys player, but the fact that all throughout this track there appears to be someone holding down a single key with 'Trance Arpeggio 4' programmed into the keyboard is slightly unnerving.

Their other material may be bereft of the uplifting trance backing, but even with this element withdrawn, Enter Shikari don't manage to sound anything but fairly generic within their field.

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