Eric Bana avoids comedy movies.

While the 'Star Trek' actor first found fame as a stand-up comedian in his native Australia, he has veered away from funny roles in Hollywood but hopes the right script will come along one day.

He said: ''Early on I avoided comedy deliberately. It wasn't hard, because no one in Hollywood knew about my stand-up background. I'd be open to it if the right role came along, but I tend to get more serious stuff.''

The 45-year-old star also lamented on the lack of good roles in Hollywood because most studios tend to be big budget action movies.

He explained to Red Bulletin magazine: ''Over the last five years it's been getting harder for everyone because everything is going bigger - bigger concepts, bigger budgets, bigger movies - and the more intelligent, interesting movies have been harder to get off the ground.

''The movies I've made recently are not movies that people rush to see on opening weekend. Yes, it can mess with your head because you can question yourself and wonder how to find the right balance, but no one really knows the answer to that. I do know that bigger isn't always better.''