Eric Bana doesn't want to plan his movie career.

The 'Hulk' actor prefers to take each film role as it comes and doesn't feel the need to line up a quick succession of jobs like many other actors.

He explained to Red Bulletin magazine: ''I'm reading scripts but I have no idea what I'm doing next and I love that. I rarely walk onto a film set knowing what my next movie is going to be. I don't want to be thinking about the next movie while I'm in the middle of one.

''It's the way I like to work rather than a determined effort to seek a work-life balance.''

Bana,45, admits his approach to film roles can often lead to big gaps in his work, however.

He added: ''Sometimes that means the gap ends up being too long, because it might take you a while to find something.''

Another reason the 'Other Boleyn Girl' star carefully chooses projects is because he only wants to make films he is passionate about.

He revealed: ''I could do more movies, but if I did I'd be doing movies I don't really like that much. The reality is it's really hard to find a good movie. How many good movies are there every year? Not many. And you need to be very lucky to be in one of them. If you can be in one half-decent movie every five years you're doing well.''