Actor Eric Bana has thrown his financial support behind his new film Closed Circuit so he can distribute the project in his native Australia.

The star has convinced executives at Focus Features to sell him the Australian distribution rights to the movie, and he is now working towards a 5 December (13) theatrical release.

He tells, "I have logged many years on the publicity trail, and the relevant outlets know me and I know them.

"On paper, it's fresh waters, but in reality it isn't really. (I) can have a level of control, and... it makes a helluva (sic) lot of sense and is something I wish I had done earlier."

Director Robert Connolly believes the actor's motivation to have filmgoers in his native country see the political crime thriller will ultimately make their efforts successful.

He says, "(Bana) is always motivated when it comes to selling a film, so it will not be too hard to get him to hustle. The film has a unique opportunity to present itself here."