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I'm very happy for Eric's success and for his increasing ability to exit from past negative trappings.I also thank Eric for, through his creative ability, bringing me out of my negative trappings.

Posted 17 years 5 months ago by EBDream

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Truthfully, Eric is a fool for letting the hottest woman on the planet get away. If he couldn't remain faithful to her theres really no hope for any of us women. Seriously. Love is a give and take thing, as is marriage. Ok the brother says he's a clinical sexaholic(right) say he is? The two of them had counseling ad-nauseum, ok. Whatever happened, for whatever reason infidelity is a God given right to divorce your spouse. Eric, you blew it baby. Yes you are FINE, sweet even, and you can sing. But at the end of the day all I'd do is do you, cause you are to fine and an admited sexaholic, so there is no future there for you and anyone unless you truly change. Ask God, he and a good counselor can help you, if that's what you really want. I love you, not being judgemental, just fact. God Bless you and your baby girl, much success to you and forget about Halle, she has some strange issues too.. We all struggle with you, Keep your head up' Blessed Be" N.

Posted 17 years 5 months ago by Nicoleari

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I had the chance to see Eric Benet in concert on Feb. 17th in Collinswood, NJ. The show was awesome!! We looked for CDs to purchase after the concert and we were told that there was no set up for Eric Benet. Much love and God's blessings to Eric Benet.

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by fajazz

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hello my name is daphne.i'll to say your song hurricane it touches my heart,and you are a great singer.keep up the good work.God Bless.

Posted 18 years 6 days ago by daphne

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Eric--Love the new CD. I am so glad that you released it. I told all my friends that they have to buy it because it is great music!!! You are an awesome singer. I would love to see you in concert (hope you come back to the DC/VA area soon). Please keep up the great work and continue to produce music that is intense, healing, and a window to your soul. I love the entire album. Your album has helped me through a tough time. thank you and God Bless.

Posted 18 years 3 weeks ago by musiclady38

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I absolutely love Eric's new CD! I'm from Green Bay Wisconsin and have enjoyed his music for years...even back in the Milwaukee days! Will Eric be performing in Wisconsin/Chicago area any time soon??? I'd love a front row seat :)

Posted 18 years 1 month ago by Julie

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I am so glad you are back. Missed you Eric! Love the new cd...I am diggin Pretty Baby and Last Time. Can't wait to see you on tour. Keep your head upsb

Posted 18 years 5 months ago by stellablk

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