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31st January 2017

Quote: "It's great because we get confused on Twitter sometimes and people will tag me along with her. I'm like, 'Woah, I have two wives!'" Actor Eric Johnson, who plays the bad guy in the new Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, jokes about sharing a name with Jessica Simpson's husband.

11th September 2015

Quote: "The biggest money mistakes? I don't know. For some reason I thought of my first marriage." Jessica Simpson considers her four-year union to fellow singer Nick Lachey in the early 2000s a huge financial blunder. The pop star, who now boasts a billion-dollar fashion empire, went on to wed former American footballer Eric Johnson last year (14).

24th September 2014

Quote: "When I renew my license, that's very expired, I'm going to be Jessica Johnson." Fashion mogul Jessica Simpson has adopted her new husband Eric Johnson's last name. The couple wed in July (14).

21st July 2014

Fact: Newlywed Jessica Simpson has no plans to give her daughter Maxwell and son Ace another sibling. She revealed the news on Sunday (20Jul14) as she posted an Instagram shot of herself posing with pal Kathryn Sykora's son Jack. In the accompanying caption, she wrote, "I love you Jack, but I do not want another!!." The singer wed former American footballer Eric Johnson earlier this month (Jul14).

15th July 2014

Fact: Jessica Simpson has hinted she is changing her name after her recent marriage to Eric Johnson. She posted a picture of herself on honeymoon to her page with the caption, "Jessica Johnson".

10th July 2014

Fact: Jessica Simpson's new husband, Eric Johnson, suffered an embarrassing fashion mishap during their weekend (05Jul14) wedding. When he bent down to pick up the couple's young son Ace during the ceremony, his pants split at the seams. The torn trousers were fixed before the reception.

19th May 2014

Quote: "It'll definitely be extravagant. I don't do things small." Singer and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson wants a big wedding when she marries fiance Eric Johnson.

18th February 2014

Quote: "I have a date, (I'm) super excited... It'll be soon enough." Jessica Simpson is still refusing to share any details about her upcoming nuptials to fiance Eric Johnson. The couple is rumoured to be preparing to tie the knot in May (14) in Capri, Italy, where the singer/fashion designer celebrated her 30th birthday in 2010.

28th August 2013

Fact: Jessica Simpson's fiance Eric Johnson gave her a $4,500 (Gbp3,000) pair of moonstone and micropave diamond earrings after the couple's son Ace Knute was born. Moonstone is the baby's birthstone.

11th July 2011

Tweet: "Life is such a gift. Thank you to all of my family, friends, and fans for all of your birthday wishes and unconditional love. I'm so Happy! It is only 1pm and I think I have pretty much heard from everyone in my life!! That is a birthday record!! Huge smile on my face!" Jessica Simpson enjoyed a happy 31st birthday on Sunday (10Jul11). The singer was gifted with a designer handbag from her fiance Eric Johnson to mark her big day.

15th February 2011

Quote: "Was it love at first sight? No, I don't know if I believe in that. But it was definitely, 'I could love this man'." Jessica Simpson admits she didn't fall for former footballer Eric Johnson straight away. The couple became engaged in November (10).

27th December 2010

Tweet: "Eric is the perfect addition to our family. We all stayed at my parents' on xmas eve." Jessica Simpson enjoyed her first Christmas with fiance Eric Johnson.

2nd December 2010

Quote: "We don't have any plans, but I'm pretty sure by next Christmas we'll be married." Singer Jessica Simpson insists she will be MRS. Eric Johnson by the end of next year (11). The star became engaged to the former American footballer last month (Nov10).

25th November 2010

Quote: "Jessica's a great friend of mine and I'm so happy for her! She's an incredible person and that's great, great news for her. I send out a big well wish to 'Special J', as we lovingly call her." Comedian Dane Cook congratulates former flame Jessica Simpson on her recent engagement to fiance, retired American footballer Eric Johnson. The ex-couple dated back in 2006.

24th November 2010

Quote: "It kinda sounds a little raunchy." Jessica Simpson on what her new married name will be when she weds new fiance Eric Johnson.

24th November 2010

Quote: "After getting out of the NFL, (Johnson) went to this healer and is very healthy... For Thanksgiving we have to make a Tofurkey! It doesn't sound right! It's gonna be jiggly and weird." Jessica Simpson is preparing a tofu Thanksgiving dinner for her vegan fiance Eric Johnson.

24th November 2010

Quote: "Apparently he hid it in his shoe for three weeks, I had no idea!" Jessica Simpson's fiance Eric Johnson made sure the singer didn't stumble across her engagement ring before he proposed.

20th November 2010

Fact: Jessica Simpson celebrated her engagement to her sports star beau Eric Johnson with a party at her parents' California house on Thursday (18Nov10). The singer served up hamburgers and cupcakes to 50 guests, including various NFL stars, and her sister ASHLEE and husband Pete Wentz.

17th November 2010

Quote: "Everything is so exciting!" Ashlee Simpson-WENTZ is thrilled about her sister JESSICA's engagement to Eric Johnson.

10th November 2010

Quote: "He's a really smart guy, and Jessica really loves him. I think that's the most important thing, seeing her happy." Rocker Pete Wentz on his sister-in-law Jessica Simpson's romance with former American football player, Eric Johnson.

23rd July 2010

Fact: "She is happy, so we are all really happy. Her happiness is the most important thing to me." Singer/actress Ashlee Simpson-WENTZ admits her big sister Jessica Simpson is revelling in her new romance with former American footballer Eric Johnson. The couple celebrated Simpson's 30th birthday with a family vacation in Italy earlier this month (Jul10).

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