Hollywood old-timer Ernest Borgnine is so tiRed of people asking him how he stays fit at 93 he has started telling them he masturbates twice daily.
The Marty star admits his response has got him into trouble a couple of times - especially when he's live on conservative TV talk shows.
Borgnine, who is back on the big screen in new movie RED, tells WENN, "I answered that question one time on Fox News. This fella kept bothering me all morning: 'What do you do to keep yourself so worked up?' Finally, I got sick and got tired and I forgot that I was miked. I reached over and replied, 'I masturbate a lot!'
"I'll tell ya, everybody dropped on the floor. They couldn't believe it: 'At 93, what the hell?' Listen, hey who cares?"
But Borgnine insists his ability to keep working into his 90s comes from his ability to relax between jobs - and his vegetarian diet.
He adds, "I keep active but I'm the laziest man in the world. If I don't have to move I don't move. I also gave up meat about 35 years ago."