Doctors discovered a cancerous tumour on late actor Ernest Borgnine's lung just a month before his death.
The Oscar winner passed away from kidney failure on 8 July (12), aged 95, and now the TV and movie legend's son, Cris Borgnine, has revealed his dad had been diagnosed with cancer just before he passed.
Cris tells the National Enquirer, "Doctors said it wasn't serious considering his age and could be treated with radiation, but dad wanted it gone, so he went in to have it removed."
Borgnine's son admits the surgery came at just the right time - because it gave him the chance to reconnect with his father and spend quality time with him before he died.
Cris explains that when the actor returned home from the hospital, he moved back in with his father to give the Marty star round-the-clock care - and he insists it was the best time they ever spent together.
He continues, "During that time, I was with dad 24/7. I prepared all his meals and we laughed and talked about his life. He had an old Navy bell in his room, and when it went ding-ding-ding, Dad would yell, 'Get the chow on!'"
On 3 July (12) the movie icon checked back into the hospital, where medics discovered his kidneys were failing, and he died peacefully five days later.
He adds, "My dad passed on with courage and dignity. He didn't want anyone to be upset or make a fuss over him. He put on a very brave face."