Movie veteran Ernest Borgnine ended his 32-day marriage to Broadway star Ethel Merman after he overheard his new wife complaining to her parents about her "terrible" husband.
The actor wed the Broadway star in 1964 and the couple headed off to Hawaii and the Far East for their honeymoon, but by the time they returned to mainland America, their romance was in tatters.
And Borgnine insists his wife's insatiable ego and her complaining ways turned the honeymoon into a honey-moan!
He recalls, "We went on our honeymoon from Beverly Hills to Hawaii to Kyoto, Tokyo and Hong Kong. During that time people knew me and they would say hi. I would introduce my wife Ethel Merman, and they'd say, 'Who?' 'You know, the great singer.' And they'd say, 'Oh sure, how do you do?'
"She was getting angrier and angrier. Her ego had been hurt. When we were in Hawaii, she called her mother and dad and I heard on the telephone, 'This man has been terrible,' and this and that.
"When we got back to L.A. I said, 'This is it, I can't take it.' That was the end of it."