Remember that Simpsons episode; the one in which Homer becomes Mr. Burns’ performing monkey, playing tricks and endangering himself for cold hard cash until Lisa convinces him his self-respect is worth more than said cash?

Cheap Tricks

Well, someone made a movie just like that. It’s called Cheap Tricks and, like Homer in that episode of The Simpsons, our lead character Craig – played by Pat Healy – is desperate for cash and will stoop low to get it.

Unlike that episode of The Simpsons, though, Cheap Thrills takes a dark turn, leaving our protagonist with little choice but to do what he’s told.

Craig’s life isn’t going well. He’s been served an eviction notice, meaning his wife and small child will soon be homeless, and while his other half asks him if today’s the right day to ask for a raise, having a job to ask for a raise within would be a good start.

Craig’s unemployed, in case that didn’t come through. His buddy Vince (Ethan Embry) – as nearly all buddies do in these types of black comedies – suggests getting drunk is probably the right answer. Then they meet Colin and Violet (David Koechner and Sara Paxton), who seem like quirky loners in their own company at first, but turn out to be sadistic puppeteers with money to burn as the film progresses.

“It's unlike anything else I've been asked to do before, which peaked my interest. The script is really dynamite, and is also a real page-turner. There wasn't a false moment in the script. It's a movie that engages you and pulls you in. It gets you hook, line and sinker,” explains Koechner.

Watch the Cheap Thrills trailer here