Ethan Hawke is ''allergic'' to films that chase awards.

The 44-year-old actor, who stars in the Andrew Niccol-directed drama 'Good Kill', has voiced his opposition to small movies that are clearly made with the intention of winning Academy Awards.

Ethan said: ''There's nothing worse, in my mind, than these movies that come out that small like they're chasing an Oscar. I'm just allergic to it - it's like, urgh.

''And I feel the same way about the ones that are chasing $100m or something. You can smell it on them. They're playing to the lowest common denominator. ''

The 'Boyhood' star also revealed the influence director Joe Dante has had on his career, having helmed his first feature film, 'Explorers'.

Ethan told Den of Geek: ''He was my first teacher, really, Joe Dante. You know, Quentin Tarantino's made being a film geek kind of famous, but Joe was a film geek way before. And he loves all kinds of movies.

''He would talk to me about John Carpenter's 'The Thing', he would talk to me about John Frankenheimer's 'The Train', he would talk to me about why Frank Sinatra was a great actor ... he had no differentiation between high and low.''