Eva Green would consider giving up her acting career to be a farmer.

The 'Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' actress longs to live a self-sufficient life on the land with her dogs and admitted once she buys her dream farm, she may not appear on screen any longer.

Asked if she'd quit acting to farm, she simply said: ''You never know.''

The French actress is brushing up on her knowledge of the land to help her fulfil her ambition of owning a farm in Wales or Ireland, which she wants to be profitable but ''ecological''.

She said: ''I want to buy a farm. Maybe in Wales - I love Wales, or Ireland would be my absolute dream.

''So, yeah, I'm looking. And I'm taking agriculture courses online - I want to learn about permaculture. It's very interesting, very ecological - they should teach it in school.

''I need to find a clever way to make money, because I don't want to kill any pigs, or anything like that.

''I love pigs, they're even more intelligent than dogs, though not as cute...''

At the moment, Eva is living in London with her beloved dog Winston and she admitted she takes better care of the miniature schnauzer than she does of herself.

She told Town & Country magazine: ''He's my child. I like little, bearded dogs.

''He's two, and he's a good boy and very sensitive.

''I cook for him more than I cook for myself.

''Venison, which is better than chicken, lots of vegetables, flaxseed oil, a bit of fish, beetroot ... And then for me, I can't be bothered, I'll just have pasta. It's ridiculous!''

The 39-year-old star has lived in the UK for 15 years and would love to have citizenship.

She said: ''I feel very calm here.

''I've got a British driving licence, which is a miracle.

''I'd like to get a passport.

''When you're born somewhere, you're spoilt and you don't see the beauty of it. In London, there's more space and parks and nature.''