Eva Herzigova used to lighten her hair using vodka.

The stunning supermodel claims she poured shots of the popular party drink on her tresses to brighten her blonde locks and insists the remedy really works.

Speaking to France's Marie Claire magazine, she said: ''[Do I drink vodka every night?] My only daily dose of vodka was the one I used to use to lighten my blonde hair... it really works!''

The 40-year-old beauty also revealed that lots of rest is the secret to her youthful appearance.

She added: ''My best beauty tips? Never get too much sun, drink a lot of water, lots of rest, and feeling loved!''

Meanwhile, Eva insists the fashion industry has changed for the worse since the height of her fame in the 90s and believes models today have become carbon copies of one another.

She explained: ''Nowadays, girls all look like store window mannequins, that's what you're asked to be. Pretty but with no charisma. Before, they were extraordinary women and their imperfections made them beautiful.

''Everyone had their own personality. They formed legendary couples: Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere, Stephanie Seymour and Axl Rose... Now everyone looks so similar, the era of supermodels is over... It's sad.''

Eva remains one of the most respected supermodels, having featured in the world famous 'Hello Boys'' Wonderbra campaign in 1994.