Eva Herzigova never had a modelling mentor.

The Czech-born supermodel started her illustrious career in Paris in 1989, and says the experience of having to learn the ropes by herself is responsible for her success because it made her all the more determined.

She told France's Madame Figaro magazine: ''At the time I longed to meet a mentor, but I never found one. I built my career entirely by myself, ensuring I always did my best at everything I set my mind to. I learnt to know myself as a person and conquered my fears.''

Eva, 40, admits her best ever fashion memory was one of her most unusual jobs, when she was covered in pig's blood for acclaimed photgrapher Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld's now-iconic editorial, 'The Butcher'.

The mother-of-three said of the 1997 shoot: ''I've got very strong memories of photoshoots. Namely the Carine Roitfeld one shot by Mario Testino, 'The Butcher'. I had my hair dyed dark, a knife and blood. Everything was the opposite of the sensual blonde image I had at the time. I loved it.''

Eva is the face of Dior's luxury skincare line, Capture Totale, and admits the job can sometimes feel daunting.

She confessed: ''I'm feel proud but its also a big responsibility to become a role model for women.''