Eva Herzigova is a "strict" mother.

The supermodel - who is currently seven months pregnant with her second child with partner Greg Marsiaj - thinks she takes more time out to be with her three-year-old son George than her own parents did with her, but is still tough when it comes to setting boundaries.

The Czech-born beauty said: "My parents were strict. I think I take more time to explain things to George, but I am still strict.

"It's maybe because I come from a former Eastern Bloc country, where being a mother is perhaps the most important priority, more so than in England, where careers are very focused on."

Eva, 37, also admitted her partner thinks she spends too much time trying to work out what is best for their son.

She added: "I am always thinking about what George is going to eat, how it's cooked. I am very responsible - too responsible, from Greg's point of view. He is much more, you know, dolce vita."