Eva Longoria feels ''lucky'' to have good genes.

The former 'Desperate Housewives' actress has revealed she feels privileged to have inherited olive skin and a flawless complexion from her Mexican American parents, Ella and Enrique, which has kept her looking youthful.

She said: ''I'm lucky to have good genetics and great olive skin, so the [ageing] process is not taking its toll on me - yet! That's not to say I won't have thoughts on it when it happens, but it's not on the forefront right now.''

The brunette beauty added she is happy to embrace growing older.

She said: ''I am welcoming it. I associate ageing with wisdom, so the more wisdom I gain, the better.''

Eva also puts her natural glow down to her beauty regime and swears by using serums and sunblock everyday to protect her skin.

She explained: ''My beauty routine focuses mostly on skincare, using moisturiser and sunblock every day. I'm very much into serums as opposed to creams, because my skin absorbs them better, and I wash off my makeup every day, which is important. The skin you take care of in your 20s is the skin you will have in your 40s, and so I spend a lot of time putting a lot of sunblock on my face. People are like, 'Oh you're not going to the beach', but I [do it] going from my home to my office.''

The 40-year-old star also refuses to go makeup free.

She told WWD: ''I went through a whole natural phase where I was just into tinted moisturisers. Now I'm more into a whole-face makeup - that's who I am.''