Eva Longoria tries to plan her days in lockdown - only for her son to change their routine.

The 'Desperate Housewives' star feels ''lucky'' that her son Santiago, 22 months, is so young but says he has a big way of ruining her planned lockdown days by playing with a box for five hours, when she has other learning planned.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: ''I'm lucky cause my son is so little, he's not in school yet and he's not quite a baby so he's just in the sweet spot of 'has no idea what's going on' and just loves that Mom and Dad are home all day long. I am like tiger mom. I have like his whole day planned, like we're going to paint in the morning for an hour and then we're going to do flashcards and we're going to do the alphabet. Then he'll find a box and play with that for five hours, and I'm like, okay, all my planning goes out the door.''

Meanwhile, Eva previously confessed she feels like she's ''busier'' now she is in isolation.

She said: ''I'm a big cook. I just like cooking, and I don't get a lot of opportunity to do it whenever I'm working. So I've been literally cooking every day, every meal, breakfast, noon, night. And that's been fun. And then I've been organising. I finally organised my spice rack, which was very exciting. I'm going to tackle the garage, and the pantry and all the things ... I feel like I'm busier now than before! ... He's at the perfect age where he doesn't know what's going on and he's not yet in school. So we just get to play all day. And he's just excited that Mom and Dad are home all day long.''