The former Desperate Housewives beauty reveals she bombards singer-turned-designer Beckham with photos of her wardrobe picks to help her maintain her status as a red carpet darling at big events and other parties - because otherwise she tends to go over the top.

Longoria tells, "I send her pictures and ask what I should wear. I love how Victoria is a minimalist, she wears minimal jewellery, everything is clean lines.

"I really admire that because if it were up to me, I'd be a Christmas tree. I'm like, diamonds, necklaces, bracelets, sparkly! And she's like, 'No.'"

The actress also admits she sticks to a strict schedule whenever she has a high-profile bash to attend.

She says, "I have a team, it's not like you walk out and it's effortless. There's hair, make-up, publicists, assistants.

"I always do a manicure the night before so I'm not imprisoned in my chair because I don't want to nick my nail. I do a facial a week before. There's a calendar."