Eva Marie Saint's upcoming appearance on TCM on Monday night (31st March) promises to restore our faith in Hollywood. The actress, who will celebrate her 90th birthday in July, has sat down with presenter Robert Osborne in a TCM special which will include an interview about her life and career and three of her best known films.

Eva Saint Marie
Eva Saint Marie discussed her former colleagues in the TCM interview.

On the Waterfront, for which Saint received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and starred opposite Marlon Brandon, will kick off the night's festivities at 9pm. Another two of her films, Raintree County (in which she played opposite Montgomery Cliff and Elizabeth Taylor) and North by Northwest (also starring Cary Grant and directed by Alfred Hitchcock) will conclude the evening of celebration.

If you're craving an era in which men wore suits, streaked their hair with pomade and smoked excessively then Saint's interview is a must see. She jokes about working with Hitchcock and Grant and her encounters with the likes of Paul Newman and Elia Kazan, according to the NY Daily News

Zoe Saldana and Eva Saint Marie
A friend of stars old and new, Eva Saint Marie (R) pictured with Star Trek actress Zoe Saldana.

Ever the lady, Saint's references to her former colleagues and friends are subtle and she, when questioned about Brando's later life, remained discreet. Brando, who died in 2004, became a recluse later in his life following a string of personal tragedies. However, Saint would not be drawn into a discussion of her former co-star's life and simply stated she thought Brando "lost the joy of acting." She described what it was like working with the late Guys and Dolls acting, saying, as Fox News reports, "I felt that he could see right through me."

There's plenty more to hear, including how a director taught Newman how to kiss! So make sure you watch Eva Marie Saint: Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival from 9pm tomorrow on TCM (31st March). 

Eva Saint Marie and Colin Farrell
And with Colin Farrell earlier this year.