Movie veteran Eva Marie Saint is marketing a new vehicle bumper sticker, which encourages Californians to stop chatting on mobile phones while they're driving. The feisty 71-year-old star is appalled by the number of motorists she sees driving one-handed on the freeway when she commutes from her home in Santa Barbara to Los Angeles - and she has launched a one-woman crusade to halt the dangerous trend. She says, "I was enraged one day and I said to my husband (Jeffrey Hayden), 'Why don't they just get off the phone or get off the road?' "He thought that'd make a great bumper sticker. He got in touch with a woman on the internet and she made up a bumper sticker for us. "I now have little stickers that I put on all my letters. I'm trying to work with legislature but I'm told it's impossible to get people to stop using phones while they drive. "So, now I just slow down and look in their window when they are on the cell phone." And Saint claims she owes her bumper sticker for helping her to land her latest film role in WIM WENDERS' DON'T COME KNOCKING. She explains, "Wim Wenders cast me because he saw that bumper sticker as I was driving away after the audition." Any money Saint makes from sales of the bumper sticker will be going to charity. And she's also planning another road rage attack on Hummer drivers. She adds, "These big Hummers come up behind me; I have a thing about those Hummers so my next bumper sticker will say, 'The Hummer is just such a dumber!' I hate them."