Evan Peters found it ''pretty funny'' working in a sex shop for 'Adult World'.

The 27-year-old actor - who met his fiancée, Emma Roberts, when she co-starred in the movie - enjoyed making fun of director Scott Coffey when on set posing as a salesperson of X rated goods.

He told the New York Daily News newspaper: ''It was a little awkward, it was pretty funny working around sex toys. The bunny tail was my favourite

''I think the funniest thing was ragging on Scott Coffey, the director, just joking around with him and making fun of what he may use in his bedroom.''

However, Evan will put his dirty jokes aside tomorrow (14.02.14) when he treats Emma to a romantic dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day.

He added: ''We are going to see a movie get some dinner. We like it to keep it pretty casual on Valentine's Day. It's just nice to go see a romantic movie, and I'll get her flowers and jewellery, a little something.''

Evan wasn't dating Emma when they started making 'Adult World' - in which her character ends up working alongside him in the sex shop - and the attraction between them made it hard to film certain scenes.

He added: ''During shooting we both really liked each other so it was a little difficult to work.''

Both Emma and Evan now star in TV series 'American Horror Story' together.