Actress Evan Rachel Wood and Glee star Darren Criss have teamed up for a hilarious Big remake, which pokes fun at child sex offenders.

In the spoof trailer for the revamp of Tom Hanks' classic family film, Wood plays a teenager who ages a decade after wishing she was a grown-up.

The actress' character lands a job at a toy company and falls in love with an executive played by Criss, who has "vagina sex" with her, only to discover she's actually 13.

After the big reveal, Criss' devastated character says, "I f**ked a magical child. I'm gonna go to jail."

Announcing the spoof teaser, which appeared online on Thursday (20Nov14), Wood tweeted, "Here is the new video I did with @funnyordie My dream came true and I got to be @tomhanks for a day. Enjoy!"