Babies, babies, babies are everywhere!

The latest Hollywood lady to announce that she is preggers has been Evan Rachel Wood. Her and husband of three months Jamie Bell have confirmed that they do, in fact, have one on the way. Apparently the rumours of the actress being pregnant back in November weren’t completely off the mark – well, just by a couple of months anyway.

Unlike a lot of their fellow celebrities, the pair didn’t break the news over Twitter or another social network, opting instead for an official statement. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been burned by the rumour mill before? The 25-year-old actress’ rep confirmed the news and commented that “the couple is thrilled”, E!News reports. No other details about the sex of the baby or due date have been revealed, however Evan has been gushing over Twitter ever since the news was revealed. We hope everyone remembers their gift ideas for the baby shower. Though maybe that’s best left to a personal shopper. Regardless, it looks like it’s good news all around. 2013 is shaping up to be a big year for the expecting parents and we’d wish them and the future addition to the family all the best this year.