Popular dystopian US drama Westworld gripped fans during its series one run and has hundreds of people keen for its second series return later this month. However, it seems even the newest of programmes has still not pulled itself into the 21st Century with one of the show’s main female protagonists, Evan Rachel Wood revealing she was not paid the same as her male co-stars.

Evan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel Wood has not been paid the same as her male co-stars in Westworld

The actress, who plays Dolores in the hit show, will be paid as the same as the male protagonists beginning from the third series.

Evan, whose character plays a key role in the cowboy wild west world created for the enjoyment of modern day customers, spoke to TheWrap on the issue of equal pay and revealed her pleasure that the disparity had been corrected.

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She explained: "I think I’m just now to the point where I’m getting paid the same as my male co-stars.

"I was just told, ‘Hey you’re, you’re getting equal pay’ and... I almost got emotional. I was like, ’I have never been paid the same as my male counterparts. Never, never."

Wood added: "Westworld, it's like, I get it.

"Because I'm like, well, you know, you're Anthony Hopkins. Or, like, Ed Harris. But I think now we're doing equal amounts of work and really hard work.

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"This is the first time that somebody made a point of being like, ‘Hey, you’re getting this. And you deserve it.’ And that was nice."

The second season of ‘Westworld’ will debut in the UK on Sky Atlantic and Now TV at 2am on Monday April 23, just hours after it airs on HBO in the US.

It will then be repeated at 9pm for those who can’t stay up until the small hours, no matter how exciting the show.