Evanescence bassist Tim Mccord has been left "heartbroken" after his favourite guitar was stolen in a burglary at his home.
The rocker's rare and expensive bass, which he inherited from his late father, was among a number of items taken from his apartment in San Francisco, California this week (beg06Feb12).
The break-in occurred on Tuesday morning (07Feb12) shortly after MCCord's girlfriend, Ashley Dunlop, left for work.
She tells the SF Weekly, "He is absolutely heartbroken. It is the most important possession he has and it means the world to him. To have that taken - he was broken by it."
Dunlop also reveals she is doing everything she can to find the guitar as she would love to give it back to her boyfriend as a gift on Valentine's Day on Tuesday (14Feb12).
She adds, "I am doing everything I can to get it back. Whoever stole it also took other easily and quickly sellable items, so I know they are looking to make money off it and fast. If something comes up with that model number, I will know it's mine."