Amy Lee and her bandmates will play gigs in Nashville, Dallas and Los Angeles in November (15) - exactly three years since their last run of gigs.

The group will also perform at Ozzfest Japan on 21 November (15).

Lee took to in September (14) to assure fans the band wasn't splitting up, stating, "Evanescence is a part of me - it just isn't a complete picture of everything I'm capable of."

She later added, "It's kind of frustrating sometimes if you read the Internet, ever, about anything. So, literally, I get a little frustrated when I'll literally say, 'No, the band is not over. We're just not doing it now.' And then every response is, 'No. EVANESCENCE is dead.' It's like, 'Man, that's so not what I said. Why do you have to make drama?'

"I'm totally open-minded... I would just get bored doing the same thing forever. There's more to me than that."