Evelyn Lozada's wedding to Dancing with the Stars contestant CHAD OCHOCINCO wasn't exactly your average celebrity nuptials. The couple married at a Fourth of July celebration on Wednesday in Miami, which could go down in history as one of the most documented weddings ever.

Not only were the cameras rolling for the couple's VH1 reality show 'Ev and Ocho, Chad decided to live-tweet the entire day to offer online followers a play-by-play of events. Early in the evening he wrote, "Live tweeting from my wedding ... should be a first I'm assuming, music is playing, can't see my guests right now but they're here". He had previously described his anxiety at the altar, saying, "I don't recall sending the butterflies in my stomach an invite ... and why am I shaking like I'm in Alaska", before adding, "What if Evelyn Lozada is a runaway bride when I get out there and I'm stuck looking good all by myself ... did I mention looking good?". Hours later, superstar athlete Ochocinco spoke of running into a little problem, saying, "Small issue, I'm the only person that didn't/doesn't drink alcohol n every 1 is wasted including my WIFE, can't relate 2 this s--t, now what?" (sic).

The couple - who also appeared on Vh1 reality show 'Basketball Wives' - got engaged in 2010. He had previously searched for love on 'The Ultimate Catch'.