Evelyn Lozada says she is turning over a new - nonviolent - leaf. The star of VH1 shows 'Basketball Wives' and the forthcoming 'Ev and Ocho' says she went too far with some of her disputes, and will never throw a wine bottle at a cast-mate, ever again, reports the New York Daily News.
The wine-throwing incident - on 'Basketball Wives' - was followed up by Lozado launching a plate at cast-mate Kenya Bell. She later leapt barefoot onto a table in order to get at Jennifer Williams. There was a huge backlash, and anti-bullying petitions were posted on Change.org - even Star Jones called out Lozado on Twitter. However, the wife of Chad Ochocinco says all of that is behind her, warning, "Someone could have got hurt. Initially I was very defensive.When you look at other reality shows there's all kinds of violence, sex and partying. But then there were boycotts. It was insane. I can guarantee you, things will be different". Lozado is the author of the new novel 'Inner Circle', about a beautiful woman who marries an Nfl star and subsequently forms an association with the wives of the star athletes - sound familiar? She explains, "When you're dating one of these guys, you can't trust anyone from the chef, to the masseuse to the women who work in the organization".
The couple's new reality show will feature their July 4 wedding - which numerous high end venues reportedly rejected the opportunity to stage because of Lozada's reputation. However, she says this is not the case, saying, "A lot of these hotels don't want cameras in their establishment".