Ewan McGregor gave permission to his daughter’s teacher to show one of his nudity-packed films at her school.

The ‘Trainspotting’ actor, 52, goes fully-frontal nude in 1996’s erotic movie ‘The Pillow Book’ and said his girl Clara McGregor’s teacher rang to ask him if he approved her showing it during a gender studies class.

Ewan told ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ about giving the teacher his blessing: “I went, ‘Look, I wouldn’t want to be the reason you don’t show that movie to your kids because it’s a beautiful movie.’

“But I said, ‘You have to guarantee that the kids are mature enough not to make fun of Clara or make her feel bad about it.’”

However, Clara, now 28, admitted she was left “uncomfortable” seeing the film with her classmates.

The actress, who appeared on Jimmy’s show alongside her dad, added: “When I was a senior in high school I took a gender studies class.

“My teacher came up to me near the end of the semester and was like, ‘Listen, there’s a movie that I usually teach, it’s part of the curriculum, your dad is in it. “There is some nudity so I wanted to run it by you before we watched it in class.'”

Clara added she told the teacher it was “fine”, but added: “And so we watched the movie called ‘The Pillow Book’ – which is a brilliant film.

“But watching that movie at 17 with your entire high school class, it’s more like they’re watching me watch that film, which was definitely interesting.”

When host Jimmy, 56, asked Ewan if he appeared nude in the film, the actor replied: “A lot.”

Clara chipped in: “Full-frontally nude, the whole time.”

Even though no one in her class teased her, Clara said the experience “was uncomfortable”, adding about her fellow pupils: “I think they also probably felt a little uncomfortable,” she admitted.

As well as Clara, Ewan has children Esther, 22, Jamyan, 22, and Anouk, 12, with his ex-wife Eve Mavrakis, 57, to whom he was married to from 1995 to 2020.

In 2016, he met his current wife, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, 39, four years before his divorce from Eve, when they were working on series three of ‘Fargo’.

The couple married in April 2022 after having son Laurie in June 2021.