Ewan McGregor loved his ''sexy'' costume in 'Jack and the Giant Slayer'.

The 'Trainspotting' actor was thrilled he got to wear studded leather armour to play palace guard Elmont in Bryan Singer's fantasy flick about a fearsome giant invasion because it was so much more glamorous than his usual film attire.

He said: ''It was gorgeous, it was so sexy. I'd been waiting all my life to wear black leather, biker studded armour. I couldn't believe it when I went for my first fitting and I saw the drawings, I was like, 'Oh yes, that'll do nicely!'

''It was not easy to climb in though, and a lot of the time it was raining and muddy, and the costume was not easy to walk around in. But then, the real armour back in the day wasn't easy to walk around in either, so what can you do?''

The movie saw Ewan work closely with 'Warm Bodies' star Nicholas Hoult and he particularly relished shooting the comical scenes in which the pair build up a brotherly relationship.

He explained in an interview with FlicksandBits.com: ''Jack looks up to Elmont like a kind of big brother and role model, as do most of the citizens of Cloister. The Guardians are held in high esteem.

''I suppose, for a young man like Jack, their lives seem quite exciting. He gets a look into that lifestyle. It was fun working with Nicholas on that dynamic, he was a lot of fun - we had some funny scenes together.''

'Jack the Giant Slayer' also stars Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy and Eleanor Tomlinson.