YOUNG ADAM star Ewan McGregor admits he and the film's bosses were "intent on pushing the sex as far as we could go" in the controversial movie.

Scottish Ewan plays JOE TAYLOR in the David Mackenzie upcoming flick, which has been condemned for its graphic sexually imagery.

But the actor insists the sex allowed the story to be illustrated in the most effective way.

McGregor explains, "In the same way that in Moulin Rouge! we were using music to tell the story, here we were telling the story through sex.

"We were intent on pushing the sex as far as we could go into an area that was really realistic for the audience so it wasn't movie sex any more but it was sex like we all have sex, where you don't always come together - which in my experience is the case."

He adds, "I had never met (co-star) EMILY (MORTIMER) before. I had been rehearsing all morning with (actress) TILDA (SWINTON), then Emily arrived.

"We were introduced and maybe an hour later, I remember I was telling her, 'OK, I'll pull you up by the hips like this and kneel up behind you and take you from behind'. Whereas that would be a really weird thing to do with someone you met on the street, it is your job as an actor."

10/08/2003 14:08