Ewan McGregor's films are almost always something to be excited about, with a bibliography including Star Wars, Moulin Rouge!, and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (let's forget all about Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang). His latest movie is The Impossible, alongside Naomi Watts, about a family trying to survive after the devastating Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand, in 2004. 

With the Guardian, he speaks about the difficulties the film faced, from the weather, to being cursed. He told the paper that the "What you got from [from the story] was the brutality and truth... But it's not until you get on the set that you think: Oh my God." adding that "It was a very difficult film to make." With terrible weather on the wrong days, to fine weather when they needed storms, lots of things went wrong. "There was some talk among the Thai crew that the film might be. cursed, you know? That the spirits or the gods might be preventing us from making the film." 

The Thai film crew were in fact so spooked that they held rituals, sending lanterns in the sky which didn't fair well in the wind. The film is receiving mixed reviews, but we'd not quite say it's cursed. Peter Bradshaw reviewed it for the Guardian and admitted to being "blindsided by its real emotional power", and watching it "through a wobbly blur of tears." However, be grateful for those tears, as McGregor notes: "Jota [Juan Antonio Bayona, the director] has always said - and he's right - crying was a real privilege in that situation [of the tsunami], because nobody had time. And so when people did cry, they totally fell apart." It will be released nationwide on January 1st.