Ewan McGregor approaches film scripts as if they were a "great novel".

The 'Beginners' actor believes The Script is the most important part when choosing a film role, and likes to have a connection with a part before he will accept it.

He said: "The most important thing is the script. The story. That has to come Above And Beyond any other factor when I decide to make a film, because I have to be connected to it.

"When you're reading a great novel and you don't want the book to end, I want that feeling when I read the script. And I want to see myself in the character that I am reading for, by the time I get to the end of the script."

The Scottish star particularly loves his job because he gets to go inside the heads of people who are all "different".

He added: "That's what I love about it. You get this opportunity to dip into different people's lives, and each film's set has a different atmosphere and different heart. So they are all different, and I love that about it."