Ewan McGregor At The Impossible Premiere

Ewan McGregor cut a fine look as he arrived to the UK premiere of The Impossible

Ewan McGregor led the cast of The Impossible down the red carpet at the London BFI IMAX Cinema with most of the main protagonists in attendance for the film. Also starring Naomi Watts, and with a supporting cast including Tom Holland, Samuel Joslin and Oaklee Predergast, The Impossible tells the true story of a Spanish couple and their children who are holidaying at a resort in Thailand when a devastating tsunami rips the area apart, separating the family members up and beginning a frantic quest for them to reunite. 

Naomi Watts The Impossible UK Premiere

Naomi Watts arrives for the premiere of The Impossible

For Watts her role in the film is likely to be dwarfed by the one she's currently filming, the star set to appear as the late Princess Diana in a film made about the Princess Royal's final days before her death in France. She certainly won the style prizes last night though, looking graceful in a knee-length black gown that showed off the contours of her back. 

Tom Holland At The Impossible PremiereOaklee Prendergast The Impossible Premiere  Samuel Joslin The Impossible Premiere 

[L-R] The three child-actors take a bow: Tom Holland, Oaklee Prendergast and Samuel Joslin

The three child actors in the film also turned up; whilst Tom Holland has experience playing Billy in the musical Billy Elliott in London's West End, for the younger actors Oaklee Prendergast and Samuel Joslin this was a big stage for them, though they seemed not to notice, equipping themselves with confidence for the stroll down the red carpet. 

J A Bayona at The Impossible Premiere

The film's director Juan Antonio Bayona arrives in London

With director Juan Antonio Bayona also in attendance, it was pretty much a full house of the main cast and crew for the premiere. With The Impossible has been receiving some favourable reviews, there will be some hope among them that it can make a dent in the Box Office upon its release in the States next month and worldwide next year.

Ewan McGregor The Impossible UK Premiere

Ewan McGregor was mobbed by fans as he arrived to the screening

Watch the trailer for The Impossible.