Ewen Bremner feared he would have to hide his Scottish accent in 'Wonder Woman'.

The 45-year-old actor is set to star in the forthcoming superhero film alongside Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, and although Bremner's role has been kept under wraps, he has admitted he thought he would have to ditch his twang to suit the movie, and was ''shocked'' to learn he didn't actually have to try his best to not let any hints of his mother tongue slip through.

Speaking to Metro newspaper about the movie, he said: ''I don't know, because it is really under wraps. I was shocked they let me be properly Scottish in it. I was expecting the Americans would ask me to gentrify my accent a little bit, or the humour even, but they let me go as far as I liked. I had plenty of fun on it.''

And Ewen - who is known for being cast as Spud in 'Trainspotting' - has admitted he took shooting the 1996 movie ''really seriously'' because he felt privileged to be asked to join the show.

He said: ''When that film was getting made, everybody wanted to be in it. 'Trainspotting' was the No.1 best-selling novel at the time. So we all felt lucky we had wound up doing it and took it really seriously. ''