Review of Remember the Day Album by Exit Ten

Review of 'Remember the Day' by Exit Ten.

Exit Ten Remember the Day Album

Having previously suggested that Exit Ten were perhaps destined for deserved greatness, it's perhaps a little disappointing to find out that they're not quite there yet. This bitter pill is made easier to swallow with the news that they have a follow up in the form of Remember the Day.

This first real full lengther is a real step forward for Exit Ten's sound. Epic in its ambitions, with the melody and song writing coming even closer to the fore than before, there are some truly fantastic offerings here.

On "God Speed' the cycling guitar melodies, vying with the melodic heaviness is a true aural gift, and the rifferama that is "Reveal Yourself" is a headbanging classic.

It is worth pointing out that Exit Ten seem to have shed the metalcore sound prevalent on previous material. It is actually a welcome departure, and one which highlights that the band have the ability to stand out from the pack in terms of quality and originality of material.

Exit Ten - recognition is perhaps still waiting in the wings, but as for the aforementioned greatness - they're already there to be honest.

Rich Edge

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