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Sam Worthington Joins Kevin Hart In Lift

Sam Worthington will star with Kevin Hart in 'Lift'.The 'Avatar' actor has boarded the cast of the Netflix movie with Burn Gorman, Jean Reno and Jacob Batalon.F. Gary Gray is directing the flick that will...

Law Abiding Citizen Sequel In Development

A sequel to 'Law Abiding Citizen' is in the works.Gerard Butler will be involved as a producer after starring in the original 2009 movie while producer Lucas Foster and screenwriter Kurt Wimmer are both returning.The...

Gugu Mbatha-raw Joins Kevin Hart In Lift

Gugu Mbatha-Raw has joined Kevin Hart in the cast of the Netflix film 'Lift'.The 38-year-old actress is set to play the female lead in the action thriller that is being directed by F. Gary Gray.Vincent...

Vin Diesel To Reunite With F8 Director On Upcoming Flick Muscle

Vin Diesel is reuniting with director F. Gary Gray on his upcoming action-comedy, 'Muscle'.The 53-year-old actor is set to work with the filmmaker for a third time, having previously starred in 'Fast 8' in 2017...

Vin Diesel 'Excited As Hell' For New Xxx Movie

Vin Diesel is ''excited as hell'' about working with director DJ Caruso on 'XXX 3'.The 48-year-old Hollywood star is preparing to reprise the role of Xander Cage in the action film franchise and is thrilled...

Vin Diesel Fuels Rumours F. Gary Gray Will Direct Furious 8

Action man Vin Diesel took to recently to update fans on his search for a director to take the wheel of the blockbuster franchise and, in his post, the 48 year old...

Lil Wayne: Straight Outta Compton Is Amazing

Lil Wayne thinks 'Straight Outta Compton' is ''amazing''.The 32-year-old hip-hop superstar - who ranks among the wealthiest acts in the industry - has revealed the F. Gary Gray-directed movie about the iconic rap group N.W.A...

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