Reunited rockers Faith No More are set to release their first album in 18 years.

The band split in 1998, a year after releasing their sixth studio disc, Album of the Year, but they reformed in 2009 and have been delighting fans with reunion performances ever since - and now the group has announced plans for a seventh studio album, which will hit stores in April, 2015.

The record, produced by bassist Bill Gould, will be released under their own label, Reclamation Records.

Gould tells, "The name has to do with the fact that we realised we were free from our recording obligations.

"We weren't touring, we have these songs that we were working on - that we think are pretty cool - and why don't we just do our own imprint and kind of reclaim our future, in a way? We own the future more than we ever have."

The band will release 5,000 copies of the album's first single, Motherf**ker, on a seven-inch record as part of Record Store Day's Black Friday on 28 November (14) .

In addition to the album release, the group is also planning a U.S. tour next year.