Fall Out Boy are continuing to tease new music in a cryptic letter to fans.

The 'Sugar We're Going Down' hitmakers - whose most recent album was 2018's 'M A N I A' - have promised fans "more than a gold watch" is coming "next year".

In an email sent to fans entitled 'A Homeboy's Life', they cryptically pondered: "Here we are finishing another spin around the sun, a cosmic twirl. Still trying to get free of everything we're supposed to be.

"But before the champagnes gone warm and flat, Glitter to dust, squinted eyes at the new year sun: Let's prime the engine and take it out for another magic trip.

"We spent the last year jamming ideas in a tiny room [and] can't wait to share them with you."

The band - made up of Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley - hinted that fans won't have too long to wait.

They added: "Thanks for always sticking around. Thanks for working the beat.

"Spoiler alert: we got more than a gold watch coming for you next year."

Back in November, the 'Centuries' rockers took out an advert in the Chicago Tribute newspaper teasing their upcoming - as yet unannounced - eighth album.

The ad was on a black background and read "FOB 8" followed by the words: "If you build it, they will come".

Meanwhile, last week the group appeared to share a preview of a new song in a video titled 'A Claymation Fall Out Boy Celebration'.

Last month, the band shared more hints of what's to come with a series of postcards sent out to fans titled 'Pink Seashell Beach'.

Alongside the postcards, two websites launched, with one dubbed "sending my love from pink seashell beach", and the other "sending my love from the other side".

In September, FOB guitarist Joe admitted while the band has worked on some new "guitar-based" material, he wasn't sure if they would end up going in that direction.

He explained: "I don't know what's happening with it. I think it unfortunately went to the back burner.

"It would be nice to make a record where the guitar is a little more upfront. We did start that way, as a guitar-based rock band, and it'd be cool to go back to those roots.

"We'd have to find a way to do it that doesn't sound like Fall Out Boy from 2005. It might be cool for somebody else to do that, but it wouldn't be cool for us to do it."