Fall Out Boy have been invited to play in Sealand.

The rockers announced earlier this week they would consider ending an early return from their planned hiatus if they were invited to play the tiny principality - which is situated off the south east coast of England and has a population of 27 - and now island officials say it would be "cool" to welcome the group for a show.

His Royal Highness Prince Regent Michael told BANG Showbiz: "If they want to contact me I will see what we can do.

"It does sound a cool idea. We have been asked by other bands before but have never done it. However my sons James and Liam say these guys are cool so we will see what happens."

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz declared earlier this week his desire to play on Sealand.

He said: "Yo, I want to go to Sealand. ... That is the craziest kind of story ever! I wanna play the first fest in Sealand.

"The only thing I'm worried about is that the dude may shoot us, and I know we'll be paid in native currency. We'll be like, 'We want a million Sealand bucks,' and he'll be like, 'I'll double it. I'll give you two million,' because the dude is just printing them.

"We would totally do it. As long as passports, safe entry and a lot of Sealand bucks are guaranteed."

Sealand was founded on an abandoned British sea fort in 1967 by Michael's father, radio broadcaster and British Army Major Paddy Roy Bates, who operates the fort as an independent micro-nation, printing currency and passports, and has survived forcible takeovers.