Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett were once shocked out of a fight after their young son Redmond threatened to stab himself through the heart.
The couple endured a tumultuous 30-year romance before the Charlie's Angels beauty passed away in 2009, and O'Neal admits his youngest son's troubles started at an early age when he witnessed their regular arguments.
The pair soon learned to keep their bust-ups away from their child's eyes after he wandered in to one altercation with a knife pointed at his chest when he was just six years old.
Speaking of his fiery relationship with Fawcett, O'Neal tells CNN's Piers Morgan, "She went into a bathroom and I punched the door and the door collapsed and hit her in the eye and I broke my hand. I was looking at her eye and she was getting ice for my hand, those kinds of things were horrible. And one time we were close to a fight and Redmond came into the room with knife and held it to his heart and said, 'If you don't stop I'll plunge it into myself.' It was awful, just awful.
"He was exposed to two people who loved each other very much and it confused him, this was not what he was used to. It was the decision he decided to take to stop us."