Fearne Cotton has been eating ''lots of cheese and bagels'' since becoming pregnant.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ - who is expecting her first child with rocker Jesse Wood - is enjoying seeing her body going through The Changes of pregnancy, but has yet to have any unusual cravings.

She said: ''I haven't had any weird cravings as I'm still at the sicky stage. I am eating a lot of cheese and bagels but nothing too odd like coal! I am loving being pregnant. It's nice watching your body work its magic.''

Now, the 31-year-old beauty - who has previously dated Ian Watkins, Steve Jones and Jesse Jenkins - is keen to take life at a slower pace and plans to do less work and spend more time with friends and family.

The 'Celebrity Juice' star told Company magazine: ''I'm trying to take it easy for the first time ever. Normally I live at a hundred miles an hour so I never get to see any of my friends. This year I'm not doing loads. Instead I'm going to see all my friends, family and boyfriend and just try and have a bit more of a life.''