Review of Borders Single by Feeder

There are bands around that are like Ryan Giggs: they seem to have been around forever, like the Manic Street Preachers. Naturally Feeder - unlike the Manics, who have stated 'you wont hear from us now for at least a couple of years' - have no intention of taking a year or so out, as they return with their new single 'Borders'.

Feeder Borders Single

The one thing you have got to love about this band is that they have never forgotten where they came from and what got them to where they are now. Through the past seven (soon to be eight) studio albums, that same sound has always been there or not too far away. Some would call it playing safe; others would say 'never change a winning formula.' Luckily for Feeder fans, the latter applies.

'Borders' is the first single from their eagerly awaited eighth studio album and straight away from the first chord, you know it's Feeder. There is a bit of a difference, with a bit of 'woooo hoooo' going on as backing vocals to Grant's brilliant lead vocals. You feel that Feeder have returned and are ready to blast out a few more sing-along rock tunes.


Mark Moore

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