Felicity Huffman's lifestyle website What The Flicka? has taken off - the actress' new project boasts 26 contributors and has become a go-to resource for women and girls struggling with life issues.

The star set up the site after Desperate Housewives ended last year (12) and she is amazed by how popular it has become as women of all ages and backgrounds sign on for cocktail tips, life lessons and help.

Huffman says, "It's a web magazine... and it's been quite a wonderful experience.

"We have 26 contributors and they're Asian and Hispanic and African-American and adoptive parents and gay and lesbian... It's just a place and it's really fun to come in and go, 'I hate this, this is really f**king hard.'

"It's also tricks and short cuts... One of our contributors... came up with Hump Day Cocktails on Wednesdays, which every mom needs... It's doing well. Forbes (magazine) named it (one of) the top 10 sites for parents and (one of) the top 100 for women."

The actress joins the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce, who have also set up lifestyle websites for busy women.