Felicity Jones took two hours to get into her costumes for 'The Invisible Woman'.

The period drama about Victorian author CHARLES DICKENS' relationship with young actress Nelly Ternan - played by Felicity - has been nominated for an Oscar for its elaborate wardrobe, and Felicity says attention to detail was paramount throughout filming.

Speaking at the film's premiere at London's Kensington Odeon cinema this evening (27.01.14) she told BANG Showbiz: ''It takes hours - it takes about two hours [to put the outfits on]. And Michael O' Connor who has been nominated is phenomenal. He is all about detail so everything is as it would have been in the period.

''So I had five petticoats, a cage, then a dress on top of that and then a coat. And I actually fell over on my first day which was a little bit embarrassing, on the beach in front of people, but the costume was fine.''

Felicity said the hardest part of filming was for her to capture the ''unusual'' nature of her character.

She added: ''Apart from wearing the dresses, I think I just wanted to play Nelly, and Nelly was a serious young woman. She wasn't quick to giggle, there was something very unusual about her and it was trying to play her with full conviction in her honesty.''

Also at the premiere were the movie's director and star, Ralph Feinnes, who plays Charles, as well as Joanna Scanlan, who portrays his wife, Catherine, and composer of the film's score, Ilan Eshkeri.