Review of Lies Single by Fenech-Soler

Formed in 2006, it's taken a while for Fenech-Soler to get noticed by the public eye. Their previous single Stop and Stare reached the Top 10 in the Dance and Indie singles charts, and this follow-up single 'Lies' is a great insight of what we can expect from their debut album, set to be released at the end of month.

Fenech-Soler Lies Single

Lies is an electric journey into pop-dance which is sure to be a huge success for this up-and-coming band. Sounding like a track from a Scissor Sisters album, Lies starts off quietly with a thumping drum and a synth backdrop in tow. It is strange to think these guys came from a tiny village near Peterborough as the synth-bass comes out screaming from the likes of SoHo or the glittery streets of LA. The chorus, whilst containing a pounding rhythm, also has a quite haunting feel to it as frontman Ben Duffy repeatedly echoes 'lies'. With a killer bridge, that gets even better with the volume on full blast, the harmony works brilliantly all the way up to the very abrupt end.

Whilst the song has a nous verve and is reliant heavily on the electro, it is also complemented by being very radio-friendly and thus will guarantee this band great success if promoted correctly. Sounding like a conglomerate of indie, pop and electro, this will surely appeal to the masses, and it is obvious these guys are telling no lies; they are here to stay.

Nima Baniamer

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