Fergie and Jenna Dewan-Tatum are eating ''healthy and whole foods'' during their pregnancies.

The Black Eyed Peas singer and the 'Step Up' actress - who are both expecting their first child with their respective husbands Channing Tatum and Josh Duhamel - have been advised by celebrity dietician Kimberly Snyder to stick to healthy foods and not overdo it with ''crazy'' diets after giving birth, suggesting they focus on their newborns instead.

Kimberly exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''If you go into a pregnancy - as all my clients have, look at Jenna and Fergie - in a healthy state, you still need more calories and more protein and fluoric acid and certain nutrients, but sticking again to the same premise. Healthy foods, whole foods, avoiding any toxic foods or even dairy.

''I mean it's about balance, it's not like this crazy, 'Oh no I had the baby so I have to lose everything in a day and fast', or do whatever those diets are. It's just not like that. They should be thinking about the child.''

Kimberly has helped dozens of A-listers accomplish their goals in the past and even ships her healthy meals out to clients while they are on film sets around the globe to help them keep in shape.

She added: ''I send food a lot, someone like Dita Von Teese, I've delivered to her, and Jenna. Whoever's working on certain movies around the world I also ship food out for them. So it's all over the board.

''If they're getting ready for a movie where ... a lot of times they have to lose weight and then they may have to bulk up. Like Chris Hemsworth in the race-car movie ['Rush'] he had to get skinnier and then he had to bulk up.

''Or some of them need to look young. Channing, I helped make him look young for '21 Jump Street' because he played a high school student.''

Kimberly's new book 'The Beauty Detox Solution' is available from all good bookshops and on the iBookstore.