Fergie starts each day with a lettuce, spinach, kale, apple and banana smoothie.

The 'Fergalicious' singer gave birth to baby son Axl five months ago, and while she doesn't feel any pressure to lose her baby weight too quickly, she's working on ''getting back into a bikini one day''.

She also added to E! News she has been ''hiking and biking'' and eating as healthily as possible, with ''green smoothies'' made from ''romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, apples and bananas'' each day.

However, Fergie, 38, is still allowing herself some treats, and she and husband Josh Duhamel celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary with

dinner at upscale restaurant Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills earlier this month.

Fergie was also back in the gym less than three months after giving birth to Axl and, despite springing straight back into shape, the blonde beauty admits she worries about her body.

She explained: ''Let's be truthful, who doesn't have insecure moments. On stage or on the red carpet, it's important to own your look and remember who you are.''